Shattered Beauty

Perhaps down memory lane
I said I can’t feel
when I changed
one flesh of a dream from
blowing away
from my heart.
Yes, the universe only did call from an addiction.

Yes, everything could ignite the swords kept cutting through
a cracked egg
to paint it, I suppose.
Look what I shouted:
that simple satisfaction like its innocence and more: more lonely, and more: more for love, a necklace of life.

I try to fade in rhythm to love, from the other and mountaintops and drank a discarded flower, wilting away, in how time would be free.
Consider the sun upon opposite shores.
I simply want my own mind to retrieve it, standing alone
after every last wish.
Wait for it.
for swords, after this one word you tap a page splotched by a dime. He said
the day is tentative. I’m ready for me on you. But on my mind’s corners, leering at a dream of bowing low to do.
Passion fades at life’s daily news.
Life brings me again, safe and caring and beautiful and shatter.
I did. I’m tired and drank a solitary figure as virtual people have said.
I always craved wings
more sure of words through the heart,
in one last moment taken up for anything
and know I dreamed of quickly evolving emotion and shatter.
I share an egg cracked open. It doesn’t feel lost.

More rumble of a scholar of paper could say
when young and flowers surrounding one somewhere
will not hold me an addiction to another.
and not wish I get away, but
this little girl with swords
met idyllic beauty.
a wordless cry cracking
along the sand between us
and now feel the joy

(a found poem made by putting the text of many of my own poems through the freeware random text generator JanusNode, then deleting all but some of the words and adding spaces. JanusNode is a free download available at )


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