How to be Popular

Do not express joy.
Someone will be jealous.

Do not express any stronger pain
than mild annoyance.
Someone will tell you to suck it up.

Hate only those currently acceptable prejudice tells you to.

Love no one but yourself
but give out false praise to the top dogs of the pyramid,
and if you ever disagree with them,
keep it to yourself.

Give off the appearance of justice
for it will help you
towards your selfish ends.

Backstab allies whenever necessary
as long as you cover your tracks.

Do not pull off the layers of pretensions, even as
your true face becomes a mystery
even in the mirror.

Do not stop to fear what
you are becoming.
Not until it’s too late.

Do not focus on any unhappiness growing inside.
You didn’t ask how to be happy.
Fake a socially acceptable
moderate degree of happiness
like you fake everything else.

Accept your throne and your crown
with a pasted-on smile.
The world is yours, like you dreamed.

Think nothing of the casualties.


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